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Europe has sung its siren song to travellers the world over for centuries, inspiring countless poets, artists and writers with its beautiful scenery, diverse culture and rich history. From exploring the cobbled streets of Prague and the fairytale villages of France, to indulging in the dazzling nightlife of London and delicious cuisine of Italy, the sheer variety of experiences on offer means that a European trip holds a little something for everyone.

Whether your idea of a dream holiday is visiting art galleries in Florence, shopping your socks off in Paris, island-hopping the turquoise seas of the Greek Islands or skiing the slopes of Switzerland, Europe has it all and then some. But in order to truly enjoy your experience, you need the right travel insurance for Europe before you set off.

Travel insurance for Australians in Europe

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the most important elements of planning your trip. Outside of Australia, your healthcare bills are not fully covered by Medicare. This means that should you fall victim to an unforeseen sickness or accident and require emergency medical treatment, a hospital stay, or even repatriation back to Australia, you could easily land yourself in thousands of dollars of debt. Additionally, if you choose to participate in adventure sports, such as skiing, without ensuring you have the right type of cover, you could find that your regular travel insurance plan is void if anything unfortunate occurs as a direct result of taking part in that activity.

A common misconception among Australian residents planning to travel to Europe is that their healthcare will be covered by Medicare, particularly for those residents that also hold a passport from one of the EU member states. It is important to be aware that only residents of an EU country will be covered by the Member State’s National Health Policy.

However, there is a list of countries which have a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement with Australia. In Europe, this list includes Italy, Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherelands and Malta. This means that in these countries, providing you have the correct documentation (usually a Medicare card but check the specifics of each country carefully at the Australian Government Department of Human Services), you will be eligible for certain reductions or limited free healthcare. These agreements are unlikely to cover any medical eventuality, though, so it is still essential to buy travel insurance for Europe to give you peace of mind.

Compare travel insurance for Europe

Find the best Australian travel insurance for Europe with We offer a free and independent service to help you find the best deals for your dollar. Just enter a few details regarding your trip into our easy-to-use travel insurance comparison tool and we will match your requirements to the deals offered by our insurers.

Remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that you are properly covered on your trip as well as any adventurous sports or activities you’ll be participating in. Once you have booked your travel insurance you can sit back, relax and dream about your European escape.

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