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An enchanting destination of exotic beaches, chaotic cities and plenty of eastern mystique, India offers a wide variety of landscapes and experiences for travellers keen to get to know its fascinating shores. From the golden coastline of Kerala to the lush, jungles of Madhya Pradesh, from the dusty desert of Rajasthan to the rich, agricultural lands of the Punjab, no two destinations are quite the same in India, and adventure always feels like it’s just around the corner.

India appeals to all manner of tastes. History buffs won’t be disappointed with sights like the glittering Taj Mahal, whilst foodies will delight in the range of sumptuous street food from a cuisine that has won fans all over the world. Adventure seekers will enjoy trekking the verdant jungle interior or exploring the glorious Himalayas; and those in search of a little rest and relaxation will certainly find what they are looking for on South India’s tropical beaches.

In the excitement of booking a trip to India, it’s all too easy to let buying travel insurance fall down the priority list. However, this is a country with a tempestuous climate as well as variable levels of sanitation, depending on which part you visit. It pays to purchase travel insurance for India to be sure that you are covered should disaster strike during your visit.

Travel insurance for Australians in India

It is important to take care of your health whilst travelling India. Certain vaccinations are recommended for travel to various regions – check with your GP or local travel clinic for more information on what is required. Diseases such as Hepatitis, Typhoid, Diphtheria and Malaria are all present in India, and although with the correct precautions you are unlikely to get seriously ill, it is essential to book appropriate travel insurance before leaving Australia.

The reason this is so important is that India is a country with no Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. This means that if you need medical treatment, even if it is an emergency, you will have to pay for it. In fact, many hospitals and clinics in India will want to see the money up-front before treating you, or at least proof of travel insurance before they will supply treatment. And as the average cost of a hospital stay is upwards of $200 per day, you can see that medical bills can quickly mount up. Additionally, should you require emergency assistance that involves repatriation, surgery or evacuation, you could face expenses totalling thousands of dollars.

Booking travel insurance for India means that you will only have to pay the token excess amount on your plan before your insurance kicks in and takes care of the rest. So, you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that if the worst occurs, you won’t have the additional worry of landing yourself or your loved ones in serious financial debt.

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