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For many Australian travellers, Singapore offers the ultimate city experience. It may be the smallest nation in South East Asia, but it more than makes up for its size with its sophisticated East meets West attractions including stellar shopping malls, world-class dining and bustling local markets.

Singapore is a destination where you have access to a wide range of leisure activities. Whether you want to stroll the waterfront by the city’s sandy, man-made beach; experience the ultimate in Asian cuisine at one of the famous night markets; shop your socks off; or take the kids out for a day at the magical Singapore Zoo or Underwater World, you’ll find that Singapore simply does not do things by halves. The high-quality experiences on offer in this glittering city are what keep visitors coming back year after year.

However, although a trip to Singapore can feel like you have entered a bubble where the normal rules of life don’t apply, it is important to remember that unfortunate incidents can and do occur. It is important to ensure you are covered with appropriate travel insurance for Singapore so that you are financially protected should disaster strike.

Travel insurance for Australians in Singapore

The healthcare facilities in Singapore are of a very high quality, so if you fall ill or have an accident you can generally rely on the fact that you will be in good hands. However, medical treatment can come at a price. Every year, the Australian government deals with thousands of cases of Australians needing assistance overseas, including those that have had to be hospitalised abroad or require repatriation back home. It is important to be aware that the government will not help you financially and nor will your Medicare cover. Without adequate travel insurance for Singapore, you will be responsible for the bills and as these can very easily rack up into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, it really is worth your while to be safe, rather than sorry.

Although Singapore has lower than average levels of crime and is regarded as a safe city destination, petty crime can and does occur. The right travel insurance will ensure that should your possessions go walkabout, if you are the victim of theft or your luggage gets lost in transit, you will receive a reimbursement to help pay for new items.

Booking travel insurance can also protect you against cancellations, loss of deposits and delays that result in you forking out for additional transport or accommodation. It may be an extra expense to tag onto your trip but the peace of mind it offers is priceless.

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Use our online travel insurance comparison tool here at to find the very best Australian travel insurance for Singapore. We ask for a few key details about your trip in order to provide you with a shortlist of the top travel insurance deals that match your requirements. Always be sure to read the policy small print and to check the excess, then pay for your chosen plan securely online and your insurer will send you the details direct.

Once that’s out of the way you can go back to doing more exciting things, like planning your dream trip in Singapore.

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