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With its picture-perfect islands, serene temples and sumptuous cuisine, Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. A long-time favourite for young backpackers, out to earn their travelling stripes, it’s also a mecca for honeymooning couples as well as families keen to spend some quality time relaxing by the pool or introducing the kids to a whole new culture.

The golden temples of Chiang Mai, rich in culture and spirituality, might appeal to history buffs whilst active travellers can get back to nature with a hill tribe trek or voluntary work at an elephant sanctuary. In contrast, others might prefer the high octane city of Bangkok with its unparalleled street food, glittering skyscrapers and variety of excellent shopping options, or the pure white shores of the southern isles, where you can relax, set the clocks to island time and let all your troubles float away on those turquoise waves. With its unique blend of modern life, traditional sensibilities and stunning scenery, Thailand offers a slice of paradise pie to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Whichever side of the country you are keen to explore, make it your number one priority to book the correct travel insurance for Thailand. Take away the worry with an appropriate travel insurance plan so you can rest assured that should anything go wrong, you won’t land yourself with a hefty bill.

Thailand travel insurance for Australians

Booking the correct travel insurance for Thailand is essential because the country does not hold a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. In fact, it is compulsory in Thailand to be able to provide proof of travel insurance in order to receive medical attention, unless you are willing and able to pay the amount up front. The right travel insurance will ensure you are covered for medical and hospital bills as well as surgery, evacuation or even repatriation back to Australia should you require it.

Travelling around by scooter is a common mode of transport in Thailand, and many Australians rent them every year without mishap. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Thailand has a high level of road traffic accidents – be sensible if you rent out a scooter and make sure your travel insurance has you covered.

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