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The USA is the third most popular destination in the world for Australians and it’s not hard to see why. The sheer magnitude of this mighty country offers a huge variety of exciting experiences, from breath-taking national parks, colossal mountain ranges and stunning beaches to vibrant cities filled with arts, culture and music. Whether you’re a nature buff looking to conquer the Rockies; a city slicker seeking the shopping, dining and nightlife of New York; a culture vulture hunting for jazz and parades on the streets of New Orleans; or a beach-lover searching for sun, sea and surf on the California coast, this epic country has everything you need for a fun-filled trip of a lifetime.

Even though your thoughts may be filled with jetting off on a new adventure, be sure to put aside a little time to book the correct travel insurance for the USA. The right plan will have your back should disaster strike and you fall ill or have an accident overseas, and in a country like the USA where some areas experience a high volume of muggings, pick-pocketing and petty theft, travel insurance could prevent you from ending up out of pocket.

Book your travel insurance for the USA as soon as you can after locking down your flights or putting down a deposit on accommodation. This way, if you have to cancel your trip for some unforeseen reason or if your airline goes bust, then you will have the opportunity to get the majority of your money back.

Travel insurance for Australians in the USA

Australians travelling the USA should be aware that in order to get medical treatment here, they will be required to produce proof of health cover or finances to show they are able to afford the treatment. And medical attention in the USA, although of a high quality compared to many other parts of the world, comes at a price. A simple check-up could cost you a couple of hundred dollars whilst an accident requiring a hospital stay could easily rack up a medical bill of thousands.

Additionally, if you want to take part in any adventure activities while on holiday in the USA, a regular travel insurance plan might not cover them. An online travel insurance comparison tool can help you locate the best deal for the level of coverage you require.

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Here at, we offer a free and independent service to help take the time and hassle out of searching for travel insurance for the USA. All you need to do is provide some details about your trip for our easy-to-use comparison tool and we will search our bank of insurers to find you the best USA travel insurance for your money. Check the policy wording to be sure you are happy with the level of cover, and you can pay securely online. Then you’ll be one step closer to your USA adventure!

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