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A Guide to Budget Travel Insurance

Searching for the right travel insurance policy can be a headache, not to mention an additional expense. In fact, one of the first things travellers think about when choosing their policy is the price. Nobody wants to pay over the odds for cover, particularly as it’s something you are hoping you might never need to use. But booking the right plan should always be a top priority when travelling. If you, or one of your travelling companions, become ill or have an accident overseas, medical bills can easily rack up into thousands of dollars.

Even if you are travelling around Australia, safe in the knowledge you are close to home, cancellations, lost luggage and delays could still occur, causing you to end up out of pocket.

Fortunately, you don’t have to necessarily fork out a ton of cash to make sure you’re protected. Here are a few tips to buying budget travel insurance in Australia:

Avoid buying travel insurance through an airline or travel agent. You will often end up paying more for the convenience, plus it is unlikely the insurance will be personalized to your needs. Assess what needs covering. A simple, no-frills policy should still include a few basics. Cover for overseas emergency medical treatment and repatriation costs is an essential, as is cancellation cover if you have booked and paid for anything hefty in advance. Additionally, work out the value of your luggage and personal belongings; if you are heading off on a budget break and not taking that much baggage, buying budget travel insurance that offers basic cover might well suit your needs. However, if you are off on a winter sports break, a basic plan is unlikely to offer you the protection you need. Single trip or multi trip cover? If you’re planning to take several trips over the year, consider purchasing annual multi trip cover instead of booking separate policies for each. This could save you money in the long run. Consider the excess. A general rule of thumb is that the pricier the plan, the lower the excess or amount you need to pay yourself in the event of making a claim. Ensure you are happy with how much you might have to shell out should an unfortunate incident occur. Consider who needs cover. Some Australian budget travel insurance providers offer family plans that cover your children for free, saving you the hassle of buying individual policies, which can work out to be much more expensive.

Compare budget travel insurance

One of your best bets for scoring budget travel insurance is to use an independent, online comparison tool such as Our list of insurers provide a wide range of plans to suit an assortment of budgets, so we’re confident that you’ll find the right plan for you – and your pocket!

Using our travel insurance comparison tool is easy – just enter a few details about your trip and we will track down the best budget travel insurance deals for your needs. You just need to read the policy wording, make sure it fits in with your plans, and pay securely.

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