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Read our guide below about covering your adventure activities when abroad. It's important that you tell your insurer about any activities your taking part in to ensure you're covered properly. 

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Covering Your Adventure Activities

For some people, a dream holiday means sun, sea, sand and blissful relaxation. But for others, only a schedule packed with exhilarating sports and adventurous activities will suffice. Whether it’s rock-climbing the karsts of Thailand, skiing the slopes of New Zealand or scuba diving the incredible underwater kingdom of the Great Barrier Reef, there’s no doubt that Australia’s proximity to some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the world sets the scene for the adventure holiday of a lifetime. If the very idea of this sort of trip is enough to get you packing your bags, be sure to add booking the correct adventure activities travel insurance to your to-do list.

Regular travel insurance can offer financial protection against a range of potential eventualities including medical treatment when overseas, loss of luggage, cancellations and delays. They are also likely to cover certain types of activity, such as gentle hiking or camping, though may add stipulations such as ‘scuba diving to 30 metres’ or ‘hiking to an altitude of 2,000 metres’. However, adventure activities cover is essential for sports or activities that carry a greater level of risk; this could include jet skiing, winter sports, and even zip lining between trees.

If your standard travel insurance plan does not cover the type of sporting activities you’re hoping to try out, it’s best to book specialist adventure activities travel insurance. This sort of plan may cost more, but compared to the thousands of dollars you could easily rack up in medical bills overseas or repatriation costs back to Australia, it’s a small price to pay to enjoy peace of mind.

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Find the best adventure sports insurance plan for your money by being clear about exactly what sort of activities you might want to try before you head off on your trip. Different activities may cost different premiums with the more dangerous sports such as shark cage diving or ‘class five’ white water rafting costing more to cover than a sport such as bungee jumping – and there’s no point paying more if it’s a level of cover you just won’t need. However, be sure to read the small print to be clear that the plan offers a sufficient level of cover for you. Even with common activities such as diving, don’t simply rely on the company having insurance – you will likely have to sign a disclaimer to say that the firm is not responsible should an accident occur.

To find the top adventure activities insurance quotes in Australia, use a reliable comparison service such as Enter a few details about your trip and we will scan our portfolio of insurers to find the best plans for your requirements, taking the time and hassle out of trawling the web for travel insurance. Try our free and easy-to-use service today and make sure you’re covered for your adventure of a lifetime.

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