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Travel insurance money saving tips

Whether you’re planning a surfing trip with your friends in Indonesia, a romantic honeymoon in Fiji or the annual family holiday to New Zealand, travel insurance is a must for peace of mind on your trip. If your precious surfboard gets damaged en route, or if you or one of your children get sick and need urgent medical attention, you may find that not only is your holiday ruined, you also have a hefty bill to foot on your return to Australia. In fact, if something really serious happens, hospital bills overseas quite often run into thousands of dollars, and without the correct insurance, you and your loved ones will be held responsible for the fees.

It pays to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to keeping yourself covered on your travels, but that doesn’t mean you have spend the earth. Here are a few of our favourite tips for saving money on your travel insurance…

Finding cheap travel insurance

1. Buying travel insurance direct from your airline or travel agent may not be the cheapest, an although it might be a convenient option, these policies are unlikely to offer you the best value for your hard-earned cash, and its always wise to shop around. 

2. Annual multi trip versus single trip cover If you are plan to travel regularly on business or have several holidays in the pipeline for the next 12 months, consider purchasing annual multi trip cover instead of a single trip deal. This could save you a great deal of money as well as the hassle of buying a separate plan for each trip.

3. Combine cover with your travelling companions If you are travelling with your family, your other half or a group of friends, you can shave off the cents by combining your cover into one plan. Many insurers offer policies where children travelling with you can be covered for free, whilst group cover can mean that you and your travelling companions are both protected with all your details kept in one handy document.

4. Only pay for the cover you need If you’re looking for cheap travel insurance, there’s no point choosing a plan that offers you a whole host of frills you simply don’t need. The greater the level of cover, the pricier the policy, so if your holiday has cost you $2,000, pick a plan that covers you for cancellation near to this figure and not for an unnecessarily excessive amount.

5. Shop around Rule number one for saving money on travel insurance – never accept a first offer. Browse cheap online travel insurance with a handy comparison tool like the one we offer at Answer a few questions about your trip and we will trawl the web to locate the very best deals that suit your needs. Read the policy wording, make your choice and pay securely. The insurer will send you your documents direct.

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