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When to purchase travel insurance

As any seasoned traveller will know, booking the correct travel insurance to go along with your trip is an essential consideration. It doesn’t matter if you are taking off on the holiday of a life-time somewhere as far-flung as Europe or visiting family on the other side of Australia, the right policy can cover you against a range of eventualities from emergency overseas medical attention to losing your luggage in transit. Although it is unlikely that disaster will strike, it’s easy to tell yourself that it definitely won’t happen to you, particularly if you are in a fit and healthy condition. However, it is impossible to predict when an incident or accident might occur, and it’s better to be safe than to run the risk of you or your loved ones ending up seriously out of pocket.

Often travellers are unsure as to when they should buy their travel insurance, thinking that locking down a policy simply isn’t important until you are off on your journey. However, purchasing travel insurance can also cover you against a range of pre-departure issues you might face, so it is crucial to buy your travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your flights and accommodation.

Why purchase travel insurance so soon?

As everyone knows, when you are planning a holiday there are plenty of more exciting things to be thinking about and spending your money on, but if you hold out until the last minute to buy travel insurance, you may not get the full benefit of a policy which is likely to include cover for unexpected events – events which might occur before you have even set foot out of your front door.

These events might include your holiday company or airline going bust and unable to deliver the services you have paid for. Or you might need to cancel a holiday due to political unrest or a family bereavement. You might even miss your flight due to circumstances beyond your control such as adverse weather conditions, a strike or a road traffic accident holding you up on your way to the airport. Without adequate cover, you may well find you have lost your money, your deposit, or in a situation where you need to fork out more cash for alternative transport or accommodation.

So, book your travel insurance as soon as possible and be sure to choose a plan with sufficient cover should any pre-departure issues strike.

Purchase Australian travel insurance online

Using a handy, online comparison service like, buying travel insurance has never been easier. Simply enter a few details about your trip and decide who needs covering under the plan as well as whether you require one trip or multi annual cover. Be sure to declare any pre-existing medical conditions as well – failing to do so may invalidate your policy in the event of a claim. We will take your information and locate the best travel insurance deals for your money.

Booking in advance won’t cost you any more, but it will give you instant peace of mind, so you can get on with organizing the rest of your getaway.

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