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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance 

Annual travel insurance can be very cost effective if you're a frequent traveller. It also saves you having to arrange cover each time you go away. Search a variety of insurers for the best available quotes here.

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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you love taking lots of mini breaks abroad throughout the year? Perhaps you travel for business? Or maybe you just like staying closer to home and exploring everything that Australia has to offer? Frequent travellers will know that getting separate travel insurance for each trip just doesn’t make good financial sense.

Frequent trips are usually short ones, too – and no one wants to spend time paying out for lost luggage, cancellations, delays and so on. You just want to get on with enjoying your trip!

Here at, we understand that trawling the web for the right travel insurance can be a pain. That's why we make it our mission to locate the best annual multi trip travel insurance for your money, so you can find your perfect plan with minimal hassle.

A single trip policy might work well if you are planning that dreamy honeymoon in Fiji or booking a family break to the US. However, as the frequent fliers amongst us will know, booking separate cover whenever you have the urge to visit family in Tasmania, or escape for a little bit of rest and relaxation in Bali, can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

Choosing annual multi trip travel insurance means that you can book one policy to cover all your trips, all year long. You can choose your policy to begin from whichever date you choose. Why not start it from the day you book your first break? That way, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your plan.

With Australian annual multi trip travel insurance you can choose a plan to cover you overseas or a domestic policy for when you are travelling on home turf – after all, just because you're close to home, doesn’t mean the potential for theft, cancellations and delays just disappear.

Additionally, some policies allow you to cover your family or group under the same plan. Meaning that all the important insurance information for you and your travelling companions is safely contained in one document and that life on the road is suddenly a whole lot easier.

Comparing annual multi trip travel insurance is easy!

It’s easy to find the top cheap annual multi trip travel insurance deals with our free and independent online comparison service. Enter a few simply details about your trip and circumstances and we’ll provide the best plans for you to choose from.

Be sure to read through the policies on offer, and once you have made your choice, pay securely online and the insurer will send you your documents directly.

At, our insurers offer a variety of plans to suit a range of budgets and requirements, so we are confident you’ll find the perfect policy for you.

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