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Domestic Travel Insurance

We don’t like to think of our dream holiday going wrong, but unfortunately unforeseen incidents can and do occur and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even when travelling on your home turf in Australia, difficulties can arise such as flight delays, loss of personal possessions and booking cancellations. Without the right travel insurance plan in place, your dream holiday could quite easily turn into a nightmare as you find yourself severely out of pocket. Fortunately, offer a free, quick and easy, online comparison service to help you secure the best domestic travel insurance in Australia. So, whether you are soaking up the sun in Brisbane, skiing in Victoria or visiting family in Perth, you can rest assured that you’re covered and get on with enjoying your holiday.

Do I really need domestic travel insurance within Australia?

As many frequent fliers know, booking a high-quality travel insurance plan to protect you while you’re away is right at the top of the holiday checklist. After all, having an accident or getting ill abroad is frightening enough as it is without landing your loved ones with astronomical medical bills too. However, it is just as important to book domestic travel insurance when you are travelling around Australia as it is to cover yourself whilst abroad. Australian domestic travel insurance plans can cover you for a number of eventualities such as loss of deposits and cancellation charges; damage to rental vehicles; loss of personal belongings or travel documents; and delayed flights or luggage. So, with the right plan in place, you can rest assured you’ll be reimbursed if your luggage goes AWOL or if the car sustains a scrape on your road trip. Leaving you free to think about more pleasant things, such as making the most of your holiday.

Domestic Travel Insurance Australia

With all you need to do is enter your details into our easy-to-use search tool and we will search the web to find you the top domestic travel insurance deals that suit your requirements. Simply choose the policy plan that best matches your needs and budget, then pay for it securely online. Your policy documents will be straight to you from your chosen insurer. Our insurers provide policies for a variety of travel plans so whether you are making a one-off, single trip around Australia or need multi-trip cover for frequent cross-country visits, we are confident we can find something suitable. Some insurers will even allow you to insure your family or friends on the same plan, making keeping track of your details a whole lot easier. It’s best to lock down your travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your trip, so let help you compare domestic travel insurance in Australia today and make sure you and your travelling companions are safely covered for the duration of your trip.

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