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One Trip Travel Insurance

Booking the right travel insurance to cover a range of unfortunate eventualities should be one of the top considerations when planning your trip. After all, getting ill whilst in Indonesia or losing your luggage on a cross-country trip to Perth can have a severely detrimental affect on your holiday, let alone your bank account.

One trip travel insurance is the ideal solution for those that need cover for a single adventure. It is likely to work out as more cost effective than an annual multi trip plan, unless you intend to make several journeys over the course of the year, and booking this sort of deal means you can rest assured that you are covered should disaster strike.

At, we offer a quick, easy comparison service, designed to help you find and compare the best one trip travel insurance for your needs. You can expect cover for a variety of eventualities including personal accident or illness, loss or delay of luggage, cancellations and loss of deposits, theft of personal property, and a whole lot more.

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Whether you are planning a family holiday on safari in Africa, a surfing trip on the Gold Coast or a camping holiday in the wilds of New Zealand, one trip travel insurance can provide personalised cover that can be specially tailored to your trip. A senior citizen with pre-existing health conditions will need very different cover to a student, whilst a traveller who intends to indulge in a spot of winter sports will need a plan that covers their activity both on and off the slopes.

Fortunately, offers a wide range of insurers that can meet a variety of needs and budgets, saving you time and effort exploring the web searching for the top deals.

Our online search tool is easy to use. All you need to do is provide a few details about your trip and answer a few questions on your travel plans to ensure we can search for the right type of insurance for your needs. If you’re planning on exploring closer to home, book domestic one trip travel insurance within Australia to cover your bases – or if you are planning to jump ship and head off overseas, be sure to select the international option that matches your destination.

We will offer a selection of deals that best match your requirements and you can take a closer look at the policies to make sure you are content with the cover, paying particular attention to the excess you might have to pay out should you need to make a claim. Once you are happy, you can securely pay for your chosen deal online and the insurer will send you the details directly. And that's it – travel insurance booked! is your one-stop shop for Australian one trip travel insurance, making travel insurance comparison easier than ever.

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