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Having travel insurance in place is an vital when it comes to protecting you on your adventure, but as a student you will want to save every cent. That's where we can help! 

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Student travel insurance

Once school's out forever, the world often comes calling. Whether you're finally planning that gap year experience you dreamt about for years while you were meant to be brushing up on geography, spending a uni holiday road-tripping with friends, or broadening your horizons by studying abroad in a foreign country, budgeting for travel insurance might well be the last thing on your mind.

However, unforeseen circumstances can strike at any point on your travels, even if you are simply visiting family in another part of Australia. Making sure you are sufficiently covered should be a top priority to ensure you and your travel companions don't end up out of pocket.

Finding the best cover for your needs can be a headache. With cheap student travel insurance, the price might be right but is it offering you the protection you need? Fortunately, here at we offer a free and independent comparison service. We trawl the web for the best deals for your money, so you can get back to planning the trip of your dreams.

Why buy student travel insurance?

Losing your luggage, whether travelling domestically or overseas, can really put a downer on your trip. But unfortunately, situations like this can and do occur more often than you might think. Booking the right travel insurance means that you can make a claim should your luggage, personal belongings or important travel documents go walkabout. You can also cover yourself against things being damaged or stolen – things like your laptop, mobile phone, camera and more.

The right student travel insurance will cover you if you get ill or have an accident whilst overseas, so you won't have to worry about sky-high medical bills or repatriation costs if you need to get home fast. It can even cover you for a variety of sports and activities that you might wish to participate in whilst you are away. Even when travelling in your home country, student travel insurance can ensure that you are covered if your trip gets cancelled or delayed.

Travelling can be a fantastic way to gain some life experience before committing to a career; make sure your experience is everything you hope it will be by purchasing the correct Australian student travel insurance for your break.

Compare travel insurance for students

Finding the right student travel insurance quotes for your specific needs has never been easier. Just enter a few key details into our quick and easy search tool and will match you up with the best student travel insurance deals we can find. All you need to do is read through the small print and make your choice. You can pay for the insurance securely online and your chosen insurer will simply send you your documents direct. It really is that simple.

Peace of mind is priceless so why not book your student travel insurance with today?

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