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Finding the right travel insurance for your trip can be a time-consuming and confusing process. That’s why, here at, we offer an independent travel insurance comparison service to help take the hassle out of locating the best travel insurance quotes in Australia. Our comparison tool is comprehensive, simple-to-use and best of all, completely free.

We’ve also compiled this handy list of common travel insurance FAQs to help make sense of your queries, bringing you one step closer to finding the best deals for your money.

1. Do I really need travel insurance?

Absolutely. Whilst nobody wants to think about things going wrong on their trip, it’s impossible to predict when an unfortunate incident might occur. If you have an accident or get ill overseas, the medical costs can be astronomical, and without insurance, you will be responsible for footing the bill. Even travelling domestically, your luggage could go missing, your airline could go bust or you might need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance provides cover against all these eventualities and more.

2. How soon should I buy my travel insurance?

To ensure you are covered for cancellations or loss of deposits, it is important to book your travel insurance as soon as possible after making any payments towards your trip.

3. Should I buy single trip or annual multi trip cover?

If you’re planning on making more than a couple of trips over a 12-month period, annual multi-trip cover could be the best option for you. Whether you’re jetting off overseas on frequent holidays, regularly travelling for business or visiting family in other parts of Australia, annual cover could save you money in the long run.

4. Will an annual policy cover me for domestic trips within Australia?

It depends on the travel insurance plan you choose but most insurers will offer this option – always provide as much information as possible when using an online comparison tool or requesting a quote, and check the small print to be sure it meets your requirements before you buy.

5. Am I eligible for travel insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

We are currently unable to provide quotes which include cove for pre-existing medical conditions at this time, however, development is underway to add this feature to the website in the near future. 

6. What is the ‘excess’?

Excess is the amount of money you have to pay out yourself when making a claim. Each policy plan is different – usually the higher the excess, the cheaper the policy. When you choose your cover, consider how much money you would be happy paying out.

7. Are adventure activities covered by travel insurance?

Some activities may well be covered by standard insurance, such as gentle trekking or camping. However, adventure activities such as skiing, rock climbing or white water rafting are likely to need specialist adventure activities travel insurance.

8. Will my electronic equipment be covered?

This will depend on your policy. Some personal belongings are covered by most plans, but for expensive camera equipment, laptops or even mobile phones, you may need additional cover. You may also need to be able to provide proof of purchase in the event of making a claim.

Travel insurance comparison is easy with – let us help you find the best travel insurance quotes for your needs.

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